We believe that we need to produce food ourselves and work with better farms to radically change our impact in nature when we eat food.  When you buy with us, you support and finance our goals to achieve that kind of farming.

Normal purchases and trial boxes can be bought by everyone but abonnement are reserved for our supporting members. This includes up to 50% discounts on amazing food, a symbolic price on strawberry picking during the summer, free produce and many other perks. We basically give you unique ways of eating high quality food in exchange for your support.

We always grow with better practices that are ignored by organic-certifications and the ø-marke. 

Food needs to be approached under an holistic management perspective because sustainable food is not just about how we grow food so we also achieve “bedre end øko” when we move towards not buying from industrial farms, using electric vehicles, doing proper soil management, moving towards zero packaging, not importing produce when it’s available in Denmark and many other aspects makes food sustainable. We’re working to solve that.

Nonetheless, we educate clients about certifications and we even join those certifications to give clients an understanding of what they are buying.

We may sell produce that is not øko-certified or biodynamic-certified and we will mark it as such. 

Our typical mix during one full year is:

  1. 80-90% øko certified

  2. 10-20% byodynamic

  3. <5% non-certified but grown with better practices than øko marke requires

Our 2021 goal is to have 90%+ of our food to be biodynamic-certified and/or from permaculture farms or better.

We intend to track our progress and communicate it with our clients

For us, distance from the consumer to food is the single most aspect that makes food hurt nature. As such, we are always as local as possible.

  1. We grow our own food in local fields near neighborhoods

  2. We partner with the most local partners that we can find

  3. We only import when produce is not available in Denmark

Our typical mix during one full year may be:

  1. 80% of seasonal comes from own produced fields less than 5 km away from your home (in average)

  2. 10-15% of season produce comes from partner farms <30km from your home

  3. 40-60% of winter produce comes from italy (we source from permaculture, sustainable farms and don’t use industrial farms)  

Our 2021 goal is to grow 90% of he food you consume < 15% away from you home 

We intend to track our progress along the way and communicate it with our clients.  

99% of clients will buy imported food since they have higher standards than the produce available in Denmark. As such, we chose to join their food journey to change the way food is consumed instead of being away from imports.

We have principles around the imported food:

  1. Never import from italy if it’s available in Denmark

  2. Harvest only 2-3 days before delivery to avoid food waste

  3. Harvest only 2-3 days before delivery for max quality and freshness

  4. Stop using industrial farms

  5. Buy from permaculture and sustainable farms, often small businesses

  6. Order in advance and pay better to small farmers that produce consistently for us

  7. Pay to farms within 15 days (soon moving to 7 days) vs 30/60/90 days offered by industrial farms

We are not a typical supermarket and face some constraints so we always try to deliver constantly in your preferred date but this may vary. You can read more on our delivery page.

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