During the winter, we cooperate with permaculture, biodynamic and organic farms in Italy in an effort to replace large-scale industrial farming that does not promote nature’s best interests.

We deliver only 2-3 days after harvest to promote the best quality and freshness, while only harvesting what’s needed to avoid waste.

We never import goods already available in Denmark.

The goal is to complement our danish production under the same ethical principles, allowing our clients to get a full range of products during the winter months.

We operate our own truck traveling once per week, bringing food weekly. This allows us to deliver to your door only 2, sometimes 3 days after harvest.

The partner farm runs under our “beyond organic” and ethical values. We make sure they cover the same standards as the danish øko certification but we do more to bring you unparallell quality at a great price.

During 2020, we are only able to supply a maximum of 2000 families per week due to logistical constraints

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